Sam Harden Jr.

a Christian Conjurer

Illusionist, Musician and Story Teller

 Good, ole' fashioned wholesome  family friendly entertainment for  all ages.


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In my birthday shows the stars are the children.

My goal is to treat your child and their guest like kings and queens, and I want them all to have a fun memorable experience. Some magicians use their participants as the stooges or the wrong end of the joke, and this isn't fun for them.  I want my volunteers to be the Heroes ,  I'll be the Zero. I want them to laugh and for a few minutes get lost in the wonder of the illusions presented and give them the opportunity to pretend  that magic does exists.

During my shows I make it clear that everything I do is just an illusion or a sleight of hand trick and that it is not real "magic".   I do not promote the occult ,  witchcraft or the supernatural and discourage all from participating in such activities as they are an abomination to God.

Some of the Illusions presented are:

bulletThe "Vase of Aladdin"
bulletThe Story of the "Purple Orange Eater"  As the story is told  shoelaces change color and vanish in my hand right in front of your eyes, bet you can't guess where it went.
bulletRope Tricks
bulletCut and restored rope
bulletProfessors nightmare - three ropes of different lengths all become the same length
bulletEqual unequal ropes
bulletThe Ropes through a person-  Two ropes magically pass right through a person
bulletmany more
bulletSilk Tricks
bulletBeautiful silks seem to appear from  no where and then vanish again
bulletSilks change color right before your eyes
bulletFour separate color silks blend together to become one large four color silk
bulletmany more
bulletThe Miss-Made Flag
bulletThe Story of the "Mother of all Diamonds"  Very good trick with a surprise ending
bulletThe Vanishing Coke Bottle
bulletThe "Candy from Confetti"
bulletThree Cup Monte' with water
bulletGame Show " King of the Jungle"
bulletOriental Pom-Pom Stick Maybe you can help me figure out how this thing works
bullet"Here's yer Sign" A road sign with an arrow keeps changing direction
bullet"Merlin's Misbehaving Wand"  This wand has a mind of it's own
bulletNewton's Nightmare  Want to see how to defy gravity
bulletMany, Many more .....

These are just some of the tricks I do, but I hope this gives you an idea of what you can expect .

I am also available for the following

bulletChurch Shows ----- Click on Evangelical Illusionist  for more information
bulletRevival Shows
bulletThe Tithe that binds
bulletHeroes of the Bible
bulletThe real meaning of Christmas
bulletThe real meaning of Easter
bulletHow to get to Heaven
bulletFruits of the spirit- "What's growing on your tree?"
bulletVacation Bible School
bulletSpring or Fall Carnivals
bulletBlock Parties
bulletSchool and Library Shows
bulletLearning is fun with magic
bulletReading is fun with magic
bulletTable hopping  close-up magic
bulletParlor shows
bulletGrand openings
bulletProduct Promotions
bulletEmployee Banquets / Parties
bulletTheme Parties
bulletBirthday Parties

If you are interested give me a call and I can work with you to make your next get together as magical and economical as possible.