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Make you next Holiday Event Special

These Holiday programs reinforce God's Word for the holidays. All these programs are interactive, mixed  with a bit of humor and fun to make the program entertaining, yet the message portion of the program is made serious and precise so that it's importance will be made clear and  have a greater impact on the audience

Valentines: "Love the most precious gift of All"

So many people are looking for love, and no matter how hard they search they can't seem to find it.  Others seem to have found their true love,  This program is about love, and romance, but most important the greatest love that has ever been shown,  the gift of love God gave  to us, His son Jesus Christ.

 Easter: Program "Resurrection is Eggsciting"

Easter falls in spring, the time of rebirth, renewing, and  most important for Christians the resurrection of our Lord.   This pastel color themed  fun program is eggsiting, full of egg tricks, there may be a bunny or two.  With the message of hope of renewed life through Jesus Christ.

Fourth of July: Program "God Bless America"

Our country is a nation founded by Christians, a country that was started to honor God and to trust in Him.  My program for this holiday brings this message home.  It is a patriotic program dedicated to Thanking God for our Freedom, and as servants and solders of Christ it is up to us to  keep our land "One nation under God"  so that "God will continue to Bless America.

Halloween: Program " The Truth is HERE, you can believe"
Trunk or Treat & Fall Festivals

This program derives it's name from  a play on the words from the TV Show the "X-Files". Agent Fox Mulder investigated the paranormal and searched for extraterrestrials.  Mulder had a poster on his wall that said "The Truth is out There"  and he being a skeptic told his partner  that he "wanted to believe"   In this program I debunk psychics and the paranormal. And expose the audience to the Truth - Jesus Christ and I let them know that they can believe in Him 

Thanksgiving: Program "Harvest Time"

This program focuses on the importance of  missionary work, here at home and abroad.  Dedicated to the brave souls that go out and plant the seeds , and work so hard nurturing the fragile lost souls,  and who go out to reap the harvest of the the Master's fields.  And what Christians at home can do to support them. .

Christmas: Program "Christmas, a time for Hope"

My program for Christmas is simply titled "Christmas a time for Hope" .  To remind us all of the hope given to us through the greatest Christmas gift of all, our Savior Jesus Christ, He is the Hope we can all count on.  No matter what political, or economical turmoil's surround us in these troubling times.    The main message is keeping our Christmas focused on Christ.