Here are some folks that have enjoyed Uncle Sam's Programs

"We invited Uncle Sam to participate in our Family Day at Kackleberry Farms in Louisville, Ga. All though the setting we provided him was a challenge (especially in terms of sound) he stayed very focused on his presentation. He clearly has a heart for children of all ages and a desire to share the Gospel message which he does unashamedly throughout his presentation. Oh yes, the balloon animals were also a big hit!"

Steve Swanson
Station Manager -
88.3 WAFJ Radio
Augusta, GA

To Whom It May Concern:

 I am writing this letter in support of Brother Sam Harden. Sam has a unique and very fun gift to share the gospel message of our Lord Jesus through the use of magic. When Sam came to our Mission and did a presentation he was fun, exciting and very convincing. I appreciated the fact that Sam made little of the (magic) and much of the Lord Jesus.

 I am sure he will be a blessing to you as you serve the Lord together. 


Travis Sharpe,
- Garden City Rescue Mission, Augusta, GA

"Sam was a great addition to our Halloween Carnival!  His show was fun and entertaining, and the kids loved it!  He was also very flexible, catering the show to exactly what we needed.  He loves the Lord and it shows through his work."

Matt Funk,
Director of Youth Ministry,  First United Methodist Church of Thomson, GA   

I have been Sam's pastor for several years, and we recently ordained him to the ministry.  He has a very tender heart for seeing people come to the Lord, and he loves to share the Gospel.   I recommend this talented man to you; he will bless you and your church.

Eddie West, Pastor, Christ Baptist Church, North Augusta, SC 



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