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I offer an interactive evangelistic program for all ages that blends together the arts of drama, comedy, music, singing, and storytelling with illusions and sleight of hand tricks with Biblical truths and an evangelical gospel message that is presented in an entertaining way that is not some candy coated version of Christianity, but sound doctrine.

It is said that a person only retains 25% of what he hears. If an illustration is used along with props the message retention and understanding is raised up to 75%.    This is why Christ told the parables. They were lessons yes, but they were also entertaining, and what was the end result?  People remembered these stories and would re-tell these parables to everyone they met, thus spreading the words of Christ.

Events :

I am available for the following






Block Parties


Youth Camps


Vacation Bible School


Children's Church


Sunday School Programs


Children Ministry Workshops

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Financial Requirement

It is my desire to enter into this ministry full-time, and I am praying and working hard to achieve this goal.  The financial / business part of a ministry is the hardest thing to cope with, but is something that has to be addressed.  I, like everyone else, have financial needs that must be met, so therefore I must receive some type of compensation.

This is my ministry so I do not set specific rates for Churches or Christian organizations.  My main objective is to share the gospel through entertainment using illusions, story telling, balloons and music.  I go wherever God calls me, and rely on His grace and blessings to fulfill my needs and let each church compensate me according to their generosity or ability as the Lord leads them through  love offerings or honorariums depending on the type of program, or audience that will be present during the performance. 

Outside of Augusta, Georgia

For travel more than 25 miles from Augusta, Georgia it is greatly appreciated if a travel expense of .45 cent per mile round trip be extended  to help compensate for the cost of gas,  upkeep of vehicle , and time spent driving.  If an overnight stay will be required accommodations at a moderate hotel is appreciated.

If you have a need please call,  I will come.  God will supply,  so don't let financial concerns hinder you.  I do want to help your ministry any way I can. 


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Ministries always need and can use extra funds, choir robes, youth trips, mission trips, and the list goes on.

Fundraisers can be fun, but not always for that person running it, I know from personal experience.  You’ve probably done it all Yard / Rummage and Bake Sales to Car Washes, BBQ and Spaghetti Dinners.  Then there are the cookie dough, pizza, fruits and candles.  We’ve all been there haven’t we?

 My fundraiser is a ticketed Illusion Program, and your church gets 55% of ticket sales.  Yes, I said 55%!! Plus you can sell concessions or have a supper before the program for added profit.

So the next time you need to raise some funds, have a fun interactive program that your members and their friends will remember.

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I was ordained in the spring of 2005 on April 17 at Christ Baptist Church in North Augusta SC.    Where I  serve as Outreach Media Minister and Youth Evangelist and have been part of the Praise and Worship Team. I am also the church's liaison to Samaritans   Pastor Eddie West, Sam Harden, Jr           Purse for Operation Christmas Child. 
after Ordination

Full Résumé


Short Term Mission Trips:


2003 Gent, Belgium - Operation Mobilization


2005 Chalco, Mexico - Operation Mobilization


2007- Parma, Italy - Operation Mobilization


Fellowship of Christian Magicians


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Illusion- Not Occult

I stress at every program that what I do is in no way associated with paganism such as sorcery, Wicca or witchcraft or the occult, or paranormal, I denounce such practices. I tell everyone that these are abominations in the sight of GOD and that playing or dabbling in such activities is dangerous because it opens the doorway for demonic attacks.  I explain that everything I do is just another form of performance art that does require skills that can be learned by anyone who has the determination, dexterity, time and money to invest, just like a musician, dancer or singer.  Everything that is seen and sometimes not seen during the performance is just an illusion that fools the senses, or a slight of hand trick, nothing more or less!!

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